“Effort, perseverance, constant development and modern corporate perception are the pillars upon which we built our course at IOKA S.A. ”

Ioannis A. Kakavoutis
Founder IOKA S.A.

The company

IOKA SA is a construction company founded in 1984 by civil engineer Ioannis A. Kakavoutis specializing in the renovation and construction of credit institutions, (banks) and other facilities that require high security standards.

In terms of consistency and organization, IOKA has managed to establish itself in a short period of time, and today it is one of the leading companies in the domains of design and construction of bank branches, with a particular emphasis on passive security.

Until today, the company has managed to undertake and construct over 500 projects in Greece and in countries way beyond its borders such as Kuwait, Qatar, Ukraine, Abu Dhabi, India and continues, expanding its international presence, while offering up-to-date products and services.

IOKA SA is committed to meet any specific requirement in the field of construction of facilities, by providing high-quality, safety standards.

Services that company provides are

Construction projects

The safety, stability and quality of its services have established IOKA in the design and construction of sites with high security standards.

IOKA SA undertakes architectural studies, site design and the implementation of construction work specializing in passive security.

Specifically, the company specializes in the construction of bank branches, jewelry shops and other high-security facilities such as museums, embassies and public buildings.

Renovation of historical buildings

In cooperation with credit institutions, IOKA undertakes the renovation of historical buildings, aimed at highlighting and preserving spaces of particular architecture, owned or funded by the institutions.

These buildings stand out for their architectural excellence and perfect aesthetic result.

Some of renovations, that have been successfully executed by IOKA, are:

the building of the National Bank of Greece Cultutal Foundation (MIET) in Thessaloniki

the MARFIN Bank building in Mytilene

the Aggelos Sikelianos’ Museum in Lefkada

Design and installation of security systems

With safety set as top priority, IOKA SA undertakes the installation of the latest technology systems and equipment for security, according to the needs of each project.

Specifically, we provide:

Access Control Systems

Alarm Systems

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)

Fire Alarm Systems

Priority Systems (Queue Management System)

Videophone Systems

Facility Management

The company’s support center provides 24-hour service to respond promptly and effectively to any need for maintenance or repair.

Support is provided to:

Automatic security doors with or without metal detector

Electrical Installations

Hydraulic installations

Building Facilities

Air conditioning installations


Structured cabling networks

Access Control

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

Generating pairs

Structured cabling networks

Maintenance and support are provided:

– either under a general maintenance contract

– or where is appropriate by reporting to the customer (reported damage)

with procedures fully in accordance with ISO regulations.

The team

IOKA SA bases its success on the high scientific level and on the know-how of its employees. Each member of the team specializes in their field, in order to give the best in their work.

The company’s rapid growth, as well as the developments in the field of construction, make it necessary for the continuous training of its staff and the continuous involvement in the field. Thus, the team of IOKA is set on constantly enriching its knowledge and experience, through continuous training, with the aim of further improving its products and services while providing innovative solutions.

With a main philosophy of consistency and efficiency, one group of experienced individuals share the same vision, the same professional ethos, while remaining focused on the constant upgrading of the company’s products.


The company’s headquarters are located in the area of ​​Harilaou in Thessaloniki, on 55 Anaximandrou Street where 230m2 of office space and 280m2 of auxiliary storage space and a repair-shop are housed.

The plant of IOKA SA is located in the Lakkoma Industrial Park in Halkidiki, on a privately-owned plot of 6500m2 with office space of 460m2 and production and storage areas in total of 840m2.

With comfortable workplaces that meet the hygiene, safety and ergonomics requirements, with state-of-the-art equipment, the facilities compose a functional, well-designed working environment that contributes to increased productivity.