Anti-vandal glass

Anti-vandal glass
Anti-vandal glass
Anti-vandal glass

Anti-vandal glass is a category of glass that protects the area from invasions, burglaries, manual attacks and vandalism, providing high levels of security.

They feature membranes resistant to repeated impacts, delaying and / or preventing impact by invasion.
The distinction of anti-vandal glazing is based on the level of protection they provide, from level P1A to level P8B, and is defined by European standard EN 356.

Indicative sites for the installation of anti-vandal glass are:
Private residences, shops facades, offices, schools, government buildings, museums.

The possibility of reinforcing with special membrane glazing which increases the levels of resistance to explosions and bomb attacks, is also offered.

All IOKA products are delivered accompanied by their relevant, official certification of grading.

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