Fireproof window frames

Fireproof window frames
Fireproof window frames

Fireproof window frames are a special category of windows frames which are resistant to fire. The resistance is actually the ability of a structure or an individual compartment to resist for a determined amount of time to its stability, integrity and isolation capability. It is expressed in minutes in the area.

IOKA fireproof window frames and partitions, consist of fire-resistant glass panels and fittings, bearing the necessary fire and CE certifications. Additionally, they are available in classes REI 60 with 60-minute fire protection and REI 120 with 120-minute fire protection.

IOKA is a certified fabricator and installer of the world-reowned German company of aluminum systems Schueco and the Greek company ETEM, while it is also maintains a close cooperation with Alumil and the Belgian company Reynaers Aluminum.

The option of adding anti-vandal or bulletproof material to ensure maximum space safety, can be additionally provided.

All IOKA products are delivered accompanied by their relevant, official certification of grading.

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