Bulletproof doors

Bulletproof doors
Bulletproof doors

Bulletproof doors are a special category of doors that feature the addition of a special bulletproof steel plate which comes in various thicknesses, depending on the level of protection desired by the customer, (from level FB2 to level FB6 in accordance with EN1522). They are used to better protect your area in the event of robbery or any criminal activity involving firearms.


  • Double leaf shield made of electro galvanized sheet metal
  • Bulletproof Sheet Metal FB6 7.62×51 mm, Nin FJ/PB/SC, 7.62, 9.5 gr, as per EN1522, 6.4 mm Thick
  • Closed-type, self-supporting, electrostatically painted frame in RAL 8017 brown or 9005 black eye
  • Peripheral profiles of PVC coated sheet metal in RAL 8017 brown or 9005 black
  • 4 heavy-duty hinges silent, adjustable
  • SECUREMME lock, with catapult and SECUREMME K2 security cylinder with 5 keys and one latch
  • Controlled opening mechanism
  • Regular lock tongue
  • 180° panoramic eye
  • Automatic, adjustable windshield
  • Perimeter frame rubber, insulating, anti-friction
  • Infrastructure for bulletproof sheet metal
  • Cylinder Defender
  • Aluminum door handles in gold, silver or bronze color

Locking points

  • 4 central lock pistons
  • 1 lock tongue piston
  • 4 side pistons up and down
  • 1 piston vertical up
  • 1 controlled opening piston
  • 5 pistons firmly rear.


  • Thermal insulation – soundproofing by filling the door with non-combustible self-extinguishing thermal insulation materials

At IOKA, we undertake the design and installation of bulletproof doors for your space.

All IOKA products are delivered accompanied by their relevant, official certification of grading.

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